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Harris da Silva remains committed to providing every client with the best possible legal services. We never forget that we are here to help you.

As part of our service to ensure that you are always kept fully appraised of the progress, whether it be of your conveyance, debt collection, divorce, litigation or any other matter, we provide an online tracker which can be consulted by you at any time of your convenience.

  • Immediately after receiving your instructions we will provide you with a secure password to access your e-file through this website.
  • Clients that provide us with bulk instructions will receive a global password for ease of access to all matters.
  • Your e-file contains up to date information relating to the progress of your matter.
  • Your e-file is updated automatically by a case worker as and when there is any development.
  • You have access to your e-file 24/7 online giving you the latest information available to us.
  • There are no special requirements for this facility. Just a computer with internet access.
  • We will email or send you a telephone text (whichever you prefer) at regular intervals informing you of milestone developments and inviting you to access your e-file online for further information.
  • In addition to all this we remain available on the telephone to discuss or clarify any aspect of your matter.

Please note that it is your responsibility to keep your password safe to avoid unauthorised access.


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