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Services include

  • Understand the size and nature of your debt
  • Develop a personal budget based on your specific situation
  • Create a debt recovery plan to reduce your debt
  • Debt collection
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Maintain your customer loyalty
  • Reduce the risk of bad debt problems
  • Prevention of foreclosure, repossession, legal action
  • Assistance with knowledge and skills to help you make better financial decisions

debtrecoverWhen immediate action is required to recover your outstanding monies, our service provides the facility to take legal action, the fees of which will be added to the costs recoverable from the debtor.

We offer a personal service with constant contact being kept with our clients in order to update progress.

What to do next

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  1. Your outlay is the total of columns 1 and 2 of both tables above to issue proceedings AND to enter Judgment and levy.
  2. Our charges are exclusive of VAT.
  3. Our charges are only for UNDEFENDED actions in High Court and County Court





* Interest is recoverable from date of Judgment until payment

  1. Our Charges are exclusive of the Undersheriff’s charges (High Court only) for levying execution.
  2. An administration charge of £10 will be made to you for any cheque drawn by the Defendant which is dishonoured.
  3. These rates are valid from 1st April 2003

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